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"Open In Name Only" - When a business uses the buzzword "open" even though it the technology in question is protected by patents, copyrights, or trade secrets.
Why does CrappyMegaIdiotSoft's OpenSolitaireCardGame use the word "open" in the title? The source code is not available!

Same with IdiotMegaSoftwareCorp's patented OpenPENIS High Security Encryption System. It's protected by a patent and they restrict use to companies who pay an expensive licensing fee.

Both of these are OINO, that's "Open in Name Only." Don't be fooled by corporate buzzwords.
by RedBlade March 09, 2009
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A plaintive call used when IM'ing someone who is currently idle or ignoring the IM window. Derived from the term of affection "onion snail".
"OINO! where are you? Come chat with me, oino!"
by E. Monkey April 06, 2006
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