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A word that best describes absolutely nothing. A word that can be searched for on dictionary . com and a definition will come up that sounds like total BS. This word is only good for ending a game in "words with friends", THATS IT!
ya so I thought he was going to beat me in words with friends, but a light bulb struck, "OI I CAN WIN THIS THING!
by oiarg July 21, 2010
7 11
Cockney slang for "hey". Also a british style of music, named so after the band Cockney Rejects who first used it in their lyrics, although Sham 69 was the first Oi! band. (not correct without an exclamation mark!)
Oi! ya bloody wanker!
by Skalabam May 06, 2003
1334 261
English slang for "hey"
also a type of music that attracts mostly street punks and skinheads
Hey did you here that new oi band called the cockney rejects?
(kids walks by another kid)kid 1:oi kid 2: oi
by ian May 06, 2003
685 341
The British version of "hey!"
"Hey, meatbeater!" (US English)
"Oi, wanker!" (UK English)
by Soiled Undergarment August 07, 2003
380 108
A Sub-Genre of punk rock catered to skinheads, also taking influence from ska and two-tone. Deriving from the Greek Word "Polloi", which means "working people". It is also used in British and Austrailian slang.
1. Do you listen to Oi?
2. Oi Mate, how you doing
3. Oi! Oi! Oi!

Oi Bands: Cocksparrer, The Templars, The Press, Sham 69, Blitz, Cockney Rejects, Argy Bargy, Thw Bruisers, The Partisans, Klasse Kriminale, Last Resort, The Business, ETC.
by Scotty Shank September 04, 2005
418 171
1. A word used by english ppl like myself when trying to attract the attention of someone. 2. also can be used in a different way, if some one was to bump into you in the street, you'd turn around and say "oi!"

it doesnt really mean hello tho.
"Oi, are you listening to me?"
by english gal July 24, 2003
316 177
To attract attention synonym: Hey
Oi fuck face, you wanna my teeth round your neck?
by Gogandantess February 02, 2003
251 143
Oi! is a music, as well as a slang to get someones attention.

(lower class brats, sham 69, cockney rejects, etc.)
"Oi! Oi! motherfucker!"
by Pires June 15, 2004
248 143