according to Leo:
oh snap is when you throw a cheerio in a bowl of rice krispies

you have a O and a Snap
oh snap son.
by T-ori Ceeeeno August 20, 2008
What some of the stupidest people I have ever met say after they crack "mom" jokes.
Person 1: I fucked your mom.
Person 2: Oh, Snap!
Person 3: GOD, you guys are such MORONS I hope you fucking DIE.
by supaDISC December 09, 2004
1) wen u got dissed by someone
2)wen u did somethin hot (cool)
3)wen u did somethin rong wen u wer confident dat u wer rite
1) "if u ran as fast as ure mouth went, then u wood ov won won da marathon!" "Oh sNAp!" the otha peeple laughed.
2) he juggled 24 handballs. "Oh sNAp!" the otha peeple said.
3) "i noe the correct ansa!!! Its 32 squared!" "rong!" "Oh sNAp! HA HA HA" the otha peeple laughed histerically.
by aLiSsa February 06, 2005

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