gangsta way of saying oh no
person a) the paper is due today
person b) oh snap i didntt do it
by brittboo August 31, 2008
oh no, astonishment, shock. what megalinn usually says.
"Oh snap! that ladys crack is showing...she needs some massive granny panties!"
by Megalinn October 26, 2006
A phrase used in exclamation of either a positive or a negative event. Sometimes just used as a random exclamation.
Person 1: Oh snap!
Person 2: Oh junk!
Person 3: I do what I want...
by Blair February 07, 2004
a third party referance to a snap (come back) or somthing bad that had happened.
person1: lol look at that chick she's so fat!
Person2: Your MOMS fat...
Person3: OH SNAP!
Person1: FUCK *walks away in shame*


person1: Man, my mom just caught me smokin Jib, so i sicked a wogehkak on her ass.
Person2: OH SNAP!
by Joob October 10, 2003
Expression of surprise, usually negative, sometimes used by people who speak in the ebonic dialect (english).
"Oh snap! My wallet got jacked!"
by Guillaume Favreau December 04, 2005
same meaning as i cant believe you just did that!!
oh snap , you did not just kiss my man!!!!
by vicki toria April 09, 2005
Almost like "oh shit".
Oh snap! I farted so hard my asshole flew right off.
by Jake July 24, 2004
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