Original Equipment

derived from O.E.M.(original equipment manufacturer)

can refer to aftermarket auto parts that are equivalent to those sold by a dealership, but at a much lesser price.

O.E. can also be used to describe the female body. Stating that surgury was not involved and that were of natural origins.
Did you hear about the latest celebrity photo scandle?
- Yeah, those were O.E.

I purchased some O.E. fog lamps for my moms car! saved like 700 dollars (:
by Daniel (: January 06, 2008
Its a space ship!!! Can you see it?!?!?
Œ ŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒ See a spaceship!!
by sightings December 14, 2003
Universal fuck up, Instead of telling them around there family, you simple take one hand, form a B with your hand, and motion back and forth.
Dalton: "Dude, you seriously just broke that?"
Dustin: "My bad!"
Dalton: *shakes head* *Motions OE back and forth"
Dustin: "Im ashamed."
by Iaintgoingback December 19, 2011
pronounced: Oh-weh (long o, as in oh; short e, as in enter)

a quickie - a brief, quick sexual encounter; a short tryst. named after a very short stream in the solomon islands, flowing through the town of Oio.
how do i keep fit? daily lunch break for an oe with my boss's wife.
by Wild Drunken Bill August 21, 2007
Acronym for "operator error". Typically used when referring to using technological equipment (computers, machinery, etc).
Bill's computer stopped working due to an OE.
by godofodd July 12, 2005
Medellinian Colombian Spanish word that means Hey!
Guy1: OE!
Guy2: whassup!
by alejito March 23, 2004
A waterspout, similar to a tornado.
Oh, no, an oe! We better get away before we get sucked into it's awful swirling winds and w - aa -tt -ee rr!!!!!

Too late, we're dead.
by Bob882 September 22, 2004

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