"Old Drunk Fucks" - Something that teenage kids call their parents when they are not pleased with the rules of the house.
"What are you doing tonight?"

"I am grounded and have to stay home with the ODFs tonight".
by AAA Ray July 25, 2008
Top Definition
"Own Damn Fault" - Told to someone whose own actions has caused their current problems.
"I don't have enough money to enter the club."
"ODF. You knew where we were going."

"I bombed, like, all of my finals."

"Haha! Your boss fired you for being late all the time? ODF."
by Font March 10, 2009
If you’ve been dating online for quite some time now and have yet to find your soul mate, you could end up with a relationship dysfunction called online dating fatigue, or ODF. It’s a condition when, instead of looking forward to logging on the dating site, you start feeling negative vibes, expecting to come across another nerdy fellow with crappy sentiments, or just finding everyone you meet online a waste of time. It’s no different from a work burnout in the office or home chore. With ODF, you start asking yourself if it’s worth the time.
Jack is over tinder he has ODF.
by jackxxxxxx April 07, 2015
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