Known among "medical" circles as 'Obsessive Compulsive Twittering Disorder", the symptoms of this impulsive disorder include: the compulsive desire to stay within a five foot radius of any device connected to Twitter and exhibiting anger at whomsoever disturbes them while posting updates. This neurological disorder can be completely cured by pulling the plug on the internet connection in the diseased person's home.
"Mike, come downstairs and have some dinner!"
"No, Mom. I'm retweeting an update made by Jeremy."
"I'm worried about you OCTD, so I've had your father disable all internet access within our home."
"I don't have OCTD!"
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by AlexisL:) December 12, 2009
Top Definition
Stands for: Obsessive Compulsive Texting Disorder

A psychological disorder characterized by the inability to put down one's cell phone or Blackberry to stop texting for more than two seconds in order to carry on a conversation. Victim's of this affliction are virtually oblivious to the fact that their behavior is rude and insulting.
Jesus, Tom you came in my office to talk to me about something and you can't leave that stupid cell phone alone. What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you have OCTD or something?
#ocd #adhd #text #larry #douche
by Larry Tiita September 22, 2009
Obsessive Compulsive Trolling Disorder.
A progressive mental disorder that compels the afflicted to use a covert cyber identity to malevolently and cowardly persecute online, to defame and harass people they know in real life.
Facilities like Youtube, and Facebook are infested with unidentifiable OCTD trolls. Often known as "cyber bullies" they deliberately provoke bait and cause emotional damage to the most vulnerable members of society.
#cyber troll #online harassment #persecution #internet hate monger #bullies
by Angelica Perduta August 19, 2013
Obsessive Cumpulsive T.I. disorder; when someone is absoulutly OBSESSED with T.I.
Girl with the dissorder: HOLY SHITT!! TI IS THE HOTTEST DAMN THING EVERRRR!!!! "What ever you like" is the mpst amazeing thig ever!

Her friend: Damn girl! u got some serious OCTD!!
#t.i. #ocd #octd #hott #amazeing
by Mariehaley1239481401 January 02, 2009
Obsessive compulsive texting disorder.
The disease where you are compulsively texting.
"That girl always has her phone out, she deffinetly has OCTD."
#obsessive #compulsive #texting #disorder #octd
by TheSharkMagnet September 13, 2007
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