OCD: Orange County Disorder.

A severe behavioural disorder which swept the globe between 2003 - 2007, during which the Fox network aired "the O.C.", a glamorous teen drama centred around a group of self-centred teens.

Symptoms of OCD include: Nervous breakdowns while waiting for new episodes; inability to sleep without hearing a witty quip from Seth or a dumb-brunette catch-phrase from Summer; shouting things out during sleep such as "No! Don't punch him, Ryan! They'll send you back to juvi!" or "Put your damn bagels away, Sandy, nobody likes them!!".

Signs of the disorder include: Long, flowery dresses and excessive beaded necklaces, in imitation of Mischa Barton's fashion; a spray-on, orangey complexion; mass-consumption of bagels; the tendency to break off a relationship due to something frustratingly trivial such as an overdue term paper or a broken nail.
Kelli: And THEN Kirsten had to go to rehab, but she didn't want to, but they made her, and then she was all "oh ok, I'll go to rehab" but then Marissa was all "BANG BANG BANG!" and then Trey was all..

Cashier: Ma'am, I don't know who or care who this Melissa character is. Please pay for your magazines so I can carry on with my depressing life.

Bystander: Looks like a serious case of OCD.. Tsk tsk tsk..
by Gossip Who? August 05, 2009
Obsessive Cock Disorder. When a person is obsessed with cock.
Girl: Bailey has a bad case of OCD
Girl2: You said it.
by MeowWoman March 24, 2009
Opportunity cost disaster.

When the chosen or proposed alternative is equal to a disaster in terms of lost opportunity compared to other available alternatives.
Can't you come up with a better alternative this one is a total OCD.
by mlhiss March 28, 2008
-Obsessive Cullen Disorder-

One who's constantly obsessed with the twilight saga's fictional characters.
Beckie - "Oh my god! I love edward cullen! He's way better than any guy since 1901."

Jackie - "Looks like you have a bad case of OCD"
by Beckie-OCD March 24, 2008
obsessive compulsice disorder
a 'disorder' where you tend to do things many times to feel okay will yourself. this is just a state of mind, it is not actually present in your body. with a little determination, you can get over this "disorder" in no time. there is nothing in your body that contains ocd. you give yourself ocd, and you can take it away too. it is made from you and eleminated by you. it does not exist.
I'm a neat freak, I must have ocd.
by ryangates October 21, 2007
1) operational concept description.
2) a bullshit paper assignment for graduate software management courses.
3) a list of stakeholders, the current system, and proposed system.
4) a paper which no one seems to really know anything about
the OCD is due tomorrow and you don't even know what it is!
by ace March 10, 2004
The act of being extremely anal. Insisting things be done a certain way. Freaking out when things are done in a way you don't approve of. Can be used as a character trait rather than referring to someone with the disease. Can cause feelings of anxiety. Also can be a verb.
Color-coding your sock drawer according to the spectrum of the naturally occuring colors in the rainbow sequence. Not allowing other members of your household to arrange things because they will 'mess it up'. 'Someone keeps putting my coffee cup on the left side of the cabinet shelf instead of the right side!!! You're making my OCD twitch!' 'Don't OCD on me!'
by Cherokee221 March 15, 2006

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