Obsessive Cudi Disorder, same as normal o.c.d but with Cudi instead!
Puni has an O.C.D at the moment as Kid Cudi's new album was released. While smoking a blunt.
by PUNI CPT Flamingo May 15, 2011
Obsessive Comment Disorder (noun) Having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others to make remarks or observations, as on an action, an event, a proceeding, or an opinion; especially, to write critical or expository notes on the works of an author while suffering a disturbance of the normal physical or mental health of; state of being deranged.

(verb)To make a comment; remark, excessive in degree or nature intending to disturb the order of; to derange or disarrange; to throw into confusion

(adj) To behave like a "Troll"
"Some leftist "troll" went OCD on a Constitutional Law forum, ironically he utilized the first amendment without realizing it."

"A "Demorat" was trying to defend Obama's policies on last nights thread but contradicted every last one of their posts, total OCD."

"After posting a new profile pic, a "creeper" went completely OCD."
by McSnappypants February 24, 2012
OCD (Obsessive Cellular Disorder) - When somebody can not go longer than 1 minute without looking at or playing with their cell phone
I tried to have a real conversation with Judy but her OCD is too severe so she was always checking for a new text, FB notification or a move on Words With Friends.

Ben's OCD became fatal when he failed to see the on coming school bus while attempting to earn all the stars on Angry Birds.
by Randall T. Buttsavage May 07, 2011
Unnecessary repetition of act. Unnecessary repetition of act.
UD = More than 500 definitions.

OCD = 5 + 0 + 0= 5 + 2= 7. Everything's fine now.
by Extrahighrocker18 October 02, 2010
(O)ccupational (C)olon (D)istention
The boss has been up my ass all week I'm tortured with acute OCD
by feltdog May 06, 2011
When used by a fan of the twilight saga;

Obsessive CULLEN Disorder - referring to the family of "vegetarian" vampires


Obessive COMPLUSIVE Disorder - An irrational urge to repeat a process ecessively.
a) I LOVE twilight! And I am not suffering from OCD, I love every minute of it!

b) Emily* has OCD, every morning she has to brush her hair 79 times or she has a nervous breakdown.
by Einstein's Brother January 03, 2009
1) Obsessive Cullen Disorder: an obsession with the vampire Cullen family from the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer

2) Obsessive compulsive disorder: a disorder where you think everything has to be in a certain order.
1) I have OCD so bad that I buy Twilight merchendise without even thinking about it.

2) My algebra has mild OCD, so she only cares when certain things are in perfect order.
by Rose Harp November 23, 2009

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