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A compulsive disorder caused by a fluid imbalance in someones brain. It is the most difficult mental disorder to live with because you have to fixate on one thing and cant leave it until something else worth fixating on comes up. This is why people with OCD tend to be smarter than some without it.
God, my OCD was acting up today. I spent an hour watching Teletubbies until the doorbell rang.
by CT143 October 09, 2010
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Obsessive Comment Disorder (noun) Having one thought or pursuing one activity to the absolute or nearly absolute exclusion of all others to make remarks or observations, as on an action, an event, a proceeding, or an opinion; especially, to write critical or expository notes on the works of an author while suffering a disturbance of the normal physical or mental health of; state of being deranged.

(verb)To make a comment; remark, excessive in degree or nature intending to disturb the order of; to derange or disarrange; to throw into confusion

(adj) To behave like a "Troll"
"Some leftist "troll" went OCD on a Constitutional Law forum, ironically he utilized the first amendment without realizing it."

"A "Demorat" was trying to defend Obama's policies on last nights thread but contradicted every last one of their posts, total OCD."

"After posting a new profile pic, a "creeper" went completely OCD."
by McSnappypants February 24, 2012
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OCD (Obsessive Cellular Disorder) - When somebody can not go longer than 1 minute without looking at or playing with their cell phone
I tried to have a real conversation with Judy but her OCD is too severe so she was always checking for a new text, FB notification or a move on Words With Friends.

Ben's OCD became fatal when he failed to see the on coming school bus while attempting to earn all the stars on Angry Birds.
by Randall T. Buttsavage May 07, 2011
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Unnecessary repetition of act. Unnecessary repetition of act.
UD = More than 500 definitions.

OCD = 5 + 0 + 0= 5 + 2= 7. Everything's fine now.
by Extrahighrocker18 October 02, 2010
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a horrible disorder, trust me you really don't want it. For people with OCD simple things like germs can bother them so bad it's hard for someone without the disorder to even imagine. It can be so intense for me sometimes that I cry or start breathing so heavily that you would think I was having some extremely good sex.
Bob: *moves furniture*

Me: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! MY OCD IS GOING TO KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by shacklefackinuho April 16, 2010
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(O)ccupational (C)olon (D)istention
The boss has been up my ass all week I'm tortured with acute OCD
by feltdog May 06, 2011
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obsessibe compulsive disorder
a wierd disease which causes sufferers like myself to fear unlikely events if you don't do or correct something. sufferers have been known to aquire phobias from this disease. I am now emetophobic.
-I am an athiest and I feared God striking me down if I didn't retie my shoes without thinking a clean nice thought.

-If I had to repeat things ceartain numbers woere unacceptable. for me: 3, 6 (my fav number), 9,13,17,18,21,23, 27.
by master tang March 28, 2005
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