obsessive-compulsive disorder

caused by a brain chemistry imbalance. causes obsessive thoughts, illogical thoughts, the need to clean or wash inordinately, not wanting to touch things, the need to hoard or order things, the need to check things (locks, making sure you didn't run someone over, etc.) Can be treated with cognitive-behavioral therapy and drugs called SSRI's (selective seretonin reuptake inhibitors), such as Luvox and Zoloft. see anxiety disorder
I take Luvox for my OCD.

Because of my OCD, I cannot touch doorknobs in public bathrooms.
by Amelia April 04, 2004
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

If you have severe OCD it will ruin your life. Really.

It may lead you to irrational phobias like

Trypophobia (fear of clustered holes.)

You can't handle knives or guns , getting intrusive thoughts to hurt yourself or your loved ones.

You get Depressed.
You get Mood-Swngs
Everything has to be symmetrical.
You become illogical.
You become a different person
I shot myself with a hot glue gun.

I turned off the emergency stop for the escalator button causing the police to come.

I turned off the main power supply of a building causing the whole place to black-out and the people there scolded me thinking im misbehaving.

i stick knives in my neck , scissors into my tounge to satisfy these compulsions.

Due to the intrusions in my head , i can't sleep at night or listen in class. I got a 1.71 GPA during my first year in college.

I have compulsions to scratch paper when doing homework or during class

I bite walls.

I recheck everything again and again.

I make weird eye movements.

( I have OCD , i see the psychiatrist , psychologist , i take fluoxetine. People may laugh at this disease , but it's not funny if you have it. You are lucky not to have this. )
by 13s October 10, 2011
Occasional Cunt Disorder. Most commonly affecting men, and most likely to strike when they've been drinking and their good for nothing sports team have lost. Symptoms include sneering at lifelong friends, ignoring the person who is speaking to you, laughing humourlessly at someone who is just trying to be nice and picking one person to humiliate. The cure is usually to sulk moodily in a corner for a while, but the drastic measure of a slap to the face is sometimes administered.
"Sorry about last night Baz. Didn't mean to tell your mum that story about you being caught wanking by a busload of nuns. A bit of OCD I think."

"Leave him alone to sulk, miserable bastard. It's a good job it's only OCD, or I'd kick his head in"
by MagickDio March 02, 2010
obsessive compulsive disorder

ocd, as the name implies, causes obsessive thought processes (i.e., when most ppl would have given up on a girl after she said no, i - having ocd - might still think about her a lot).

it also, as the name implies, causes compulsive actions (i.e., my mum gets a cold, so before i feel comfortable again, i have to wash my hands several times)

ocd is a bitch to have, man. if you don't know anyone with ocd but want to know what its like, watch monk. good show cos i can relate
a series of drugs can be used to treat ocd.

the only family of drugs i know to treat it are the ssri's (seritonin re-uptake inhibitors, or something). zoloft, for example.
by unusu-al March 02, 2004
1.Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; if you have it yuo have to do certain things or have weird thoughtts believe me, I have OCD. It is the worst disorder there is.
Becausean of my OCD I have weird thoughts about my birthday and constantly have these counting patterns.
by William June 11, 2004
One of the worst, most stressful, most difficult disorders. If things are perfect for you or bother you it drives you crazy, it bothers you more than anyome without the disorder could imagine and can eventually lead to panic attack and so much stress that the victim of OCD can die. Everyone tells you to go see a therapist but for someone with OCD that is usually the last thing they want to do, and it doesn't work for most because you can't just not do anything when your OCD is acting up. I had to have medicine (which isn't the most pleasent thing) before I would feel suffocated when things didn't go my way. People love to make fun of OCD and tell you it's no big deal and that you're crazy and you wish so bad that they had the disorder.

Bob- Chill Jim! It's ok to leave the door closed.

Jim- No it's not I just can't take it any more!

Bob- HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim- If only you had OCD. Then you wouldn't be laughing.
by OCD sucks! May 05, 2010
Obsessive Capaldi Disorder.
Being obsessed about actor, Peter Capaldi
MAT: Dude I have OCD.
DUDE: WTF yur obviously lying.
MAT: NO! I have Obsessive Capaldi Disorder.
by artfoxMS April 06, 2015

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