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Probably the most notorious group of overclockers in recent history. OC'ers4life is widely known across professional gaming and extreme modding circles for their aggressive "stop at nothing" mentality when it comes to overclocking their "mad" systems. Mad Max, the groups founder and leader, is feared in gaming environments like cs: source, because it is said he can see things others can't by achieving framerates believed to be unachievable. This is due to his massively overclocked athlon xp 2200 1.8-­>2ghz. Members of the group include HonkyTonkMan, a l33t haxor who pwns on a regular basis and is said to have "mad skillz", Mirak ak, who insists on having a gigantic 1.8->2.4ghz overclock even though his system routinely crash's and he hasen't shaved in years, clbh, whose "pimped out" pc reportedly cost more to build than the local "Mean Gene's" and VonPaulus or "Pwn Sauce", who has a limited internal overclock because he overheats and explodes from the inside on a daily basis. It is general concensus among IT experts that OC'ers4Life will overclcock their pc's for life instead of the usual 7 months.
Yooo that mofo just pwned me, he must have mad skillz. I bet that cat is part of the OC'ers4Life. Yah, you've been drugged up, you just got OD'ed by the OC!
by (OC'ers4Life)HonkyTonkMan December 05, 2006
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