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"Own Character"

A character that a novice writer has created. Used mostly in reference to manga characters, but can also be used for characters made for actual novels.

The phrase is used by cosplayers when they have to explain why no one recognizes their costume.
-"How do you like my O.C. ? Her name is Anya."

- "Hey, who are you dressed as?"
"Oh, it's one of my O.C.'s. She's a mage."
by pixie_stick_ March 31, 2008
to be way overly dramatic
aaron: dude its not that bad.
baker: i will die without her!
aaron: dont get all o.c. on me.
by aaronf May 10, 2005
original content

if you create jokes or memes on teh interwebs and thought of it all by yourelf, you created oc
ITT: we only pots OC!

Here's my OC ! what do you think of it?

You call that OC? i saw this pic weeks ago on reddit!
by pogoagogo April 27, 2013
Orgasmic Conversation - When two participants in a conference call enjoy conversing between themselves so much they monopolize the conversation by not allowing anyone anyone else to participate.
Guy1: Dude, you look flustered. How did the conference call go? Were you able express your concerns?
Guy2: Nah, it was an O.C. My manager and her Subject Matter Expert spent the whole hour talking and interacting between themselves. They would not let anyone else get a word in.
Guy1: Bummer, no wonder you're flustered.
Guy2: Yeah, but it was a hoot listening to them talk. They enjoyed it so much it was like they were both having orgasms over the conversation.
by Data Grunt July 29, 2009
A general exclamation. Pronounced 'Ock', Oc stands for 'Oh Crap!'
"I just realised my girlfriend's a guy!"

"Oc! This piece'a POC's not working!"
by Shatty Fatmas October 11, 2007
Short for overclocking.
Any adjustments made to computer hardware (or software) to make its CPU run at a higher clock rate than intended by the original manufacturers. Typically this involves replacing the crystal in the clock generation circuitry with a higher frequency one or changing jumper settings or software configuration.

If the clock rate is increased too far, eventually some component in the system will not be able to cope and the system will stop working. This failure may be continuous (the system never works at the higher frequency) or intermittant (it fails more often but works some of the time) or, in the worst case, irreversible (a component is damaged by overheating). Overclocking may necessitate improved cooling to maintain the same level of reliability.
A gamer has a slow processor, and wants to have his computer run at faster speeds. She/he uses for example a software to accomplish this.
by jhsevs March 15, 2013
O.C. stands for organized crime. A way of not using the term Mafia, or Italian Mafia, since Italians have no monopoly on organized crime. The Winter Hill Gang, part of Boston's Irish Mob were more notorious, if less well known.
That dude is really bad, he's suspected of being O.C.
by another_perlboy December 16, 2012