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One who blindly supports the policies of President Barrack Obama.
The millions of glassey eyed Obama supporters called OBOTS who walk the earth chanting "Yes We Can"!
by Poorme July 16, 2009
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People who professionally viciously attack, diminish and disparage those who oppose Obama or Democrat agenda. Especially active in public forums.
Articles written that expose the Evil of the Obama administration, his unknown history, birth certificate, college records, social security number problem, and VISA status as a youth- are met with VILE rebuke by people (Obots) who are apparently PAID agitprop (agitator propaganda) professionals. agitprop professional left
by History_Student July 23, 2011
Somebody whom thinks President Obama can do no wrong.
Sarah is for gun control and that makes her an O-Bot.
The New Black Panther Party are O-Bots.
by Waffen SS Soldat April 16, 2012
oh-buh t, -bot

Related forms:
o⋅bot⋅ism, obotic, o⋅bot⋅is⋅tic, o⋅bot⋅like

1. a person who acts and responds in a political, routine manner, usually subject to another's will or agenda;.

2. mindless drones directed by group think and free from their own thoughts.

3. extreme or radical faction of the United States

4. commanded without reason or question: "The Obot crowd has attacked their own oil station leaving them without heat for the winter".
Without thought the Obots have created a financially unstable future damaging both hope and recovery for years to come.
by Skibbies July 15, 2009
Oprah's mindless legions.
The Obots drove the book to the top of the NY Times bestseller list in one week.

by Emil Salvini March 19, 2008
One who watches and follows Oprah religiously.
I wanted one book for our book club, but the O-bots chose Oprah's selection.
by cbh5624 August 22, 2008
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