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On Another Note
I love my friends! OAN: I'm going to the mall
by sccx11 June 26, 2010
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Dude or bloke, referring to another guy
Ey oan hook up some tissues bra
by a33z February 17, 2010
A word used in Scotland that is identical to how you would use "On" . It can represent what your doing , or where an object or person is positioned.
I'm Oan my way up to the House , oan top of the hill.
by Rob McClymont September 26, 2004
Oan is the way own sounds, such is OWNAGE! It can be used for almost any words, and even as a name. It was coined by the Silent Storm Clan and is commonly used as a joke twords people who are newbies.
SSCNuTinmuch Oans

Oaning is fun!

You have been oaned.
by Ownage Man May 29, 2004

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