OMA is essentially the Pokemon equivalent of OMG, using "Oh My Arceus" instead, considering Arceus is the God of Pokemon.
Oma, I'm in love with the new Black/White starters
by Flintrosexual August 19, 2010
A gorgeous girl with a really good heart.
That girl is so amazing... she must be Oma
by bluedo March 06, 2012
Oh my Aliens. Just like OMG, but for the atheists or persons who believe that we are the result of extraterrestrial experiments.
OMA, Becky. Look at her butt!!
by MyPseudo March 27, 2012
3/5 of the word omaha. Largest city in Nebraska; located in eastern Nebraska on the Missouri river
I'm from Omaha.
by Kryten 2x4b May 05, 2003
O.M.A stands for "Oh, my Athiest!" Like 'OMG' but for an Athiest to say.
Say "Oh, my Athiest" when someone says something rediculous, or crazy

-Person 1 - "O.M.A, I just got a dub sack from this stranger I met behind that building outside of Chicago next to my grandmas house.

-Person 2 - "Right on bro!"
by Azhale March 17, 2011
Oh my ana, a common phrase among the anoerxic community on the net. ana=god
"OMA, please forgive me for eating 500 calories more than i should have eaten".
by Anaslover October 10, 2010
means oh my alla.
oma that muslim women just showed her face!
by ccii-cii September 11, 2010

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