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when some one lies or has lied so much that the lie actually becomes real to the liar with vivid details and all the consistency of a true story though others no it to be untrue
Man that chick just swore up and down that she doesnt give head not realizing that I walked in on her blowing my brother in the garage a couple of months ago and she didnt see me. She's got O.J. syndrome bad.
by rhyynno March 07, 2011
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a typical personality disorder which is very common in gay Black males. These men have a tendency to plot the death of white women and their spouses, if conflict arises with one of them.
Named after OJ Simpson and his infamous murder case.
S: I'm fucking kill Becky and John!
B:Damn, you have OJ Syndrome.
by Brittney Sade January 15, 2009
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