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Facial expression denoted by the lips and mouth of Barack Obama supporters forming an "O" shape.

Frequently made by Obama supporters when:

1)Barack Obama owned John McCain in the presidential debates.

2)Barack Obama makes clear and unbiased descriptions of the future of the United States under his leadership.

3)Barack Obama won the race for the White House in the 2008 presidential campaign.
"Did you see Chris's O-face after the last debate?"

"Are you ready to sport your O-face at the post-election party tomorrow?"
by amabosekilyks November 03, 2008
12 50
a term used in the movie Office Space to describe the face one makes when achieving orgasm.
I'm gonna be showing her my O face.
by violet March 03, 2003
2074 217
The face made while banging the chick from logistics.
I taking this chick from logistics. If things go well tonight she will be seeing my o-face. o-o-o-o-o-o-o.
by Luc March 23, 2004
709 146
the face one makes while cumming
"and if things go well, i might be showin' her my o-face...'oh oh oh!'"
by loser November 20, 2003
422 116
Face made when one reaches the peak of sexual orgasm.
I'm going to her place tonight, where I'm gonna spend all night showing her my o-face!
by Dain Bramage February 08, 2003
289 104
the face one makes just as he comes to orgasm
You should have seen his o face.
by father O April 16, 2002
460 313
The face you make when you cum.
Wanna see my O-Face?
by JACK BAUER July 13, 2003
169 72
O-Face, also known as 'Outro Face', is attractive in many cultures, but not yours. It is generally used when you crave to see an outro to a point where if you don't, your kidneys will turn inside out, your eyes will be sucked into a vortex and your brain will explode.
An outro of whiteness, redness or darkness, in where an o-face is achieved.
by Dariusness January 19, 2011
114 43