Caucasian hip hop radio hosts who try to be with it by choosing a name associated with underground hip hop music in order to sound cool on the radio. However the name itself to regular people is actually lame.
Did you hear that O-Dog on the radio yesterday, man that guy is ill. He is dope.
by E-Dot February 19, 2007
Top Definition
1. Caine's homicidal, trigger happy friend in the 1993 movie Menace II Society.

2. To lose one's mind and become a fearless gangster. As heard in one of The Game's rap song... "it's the sequel to Menace and Oh Lord he done went O-Dog".
Now O-Dog was the craziest nigga alive. America's nightmare. Young, black, and didn't give a fuck.
by Alpha6 January 21, 2007
When a person of chinese decent attempts to sound like he originates from the ghetto areas of Phillidelphia. The expression usually is meant to define a mass number of or large amount. It is also used randomly in the middle of sentences that express anger. Using this expression is a good example of Haydoning (a failed attempt)
Chinese person: "I'm gettin a huge dickload o' dog fuckin notifications!!!!"
by DanAlbasryy February 27, 2009
Founder of White Boys for Rap, located in Winter Park, FL.
by Anonymous March 27, 2003
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