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A popular band in Europe, specifically Muldova (a country located right next to Romania). Famous for the song 'Dragostea Din Tei' or as other people know it, the 'Numa Numa' song.
'Maiihiii, maiihaa'--lyrics from Ozone's 'Dragostea Din Tei'
by S-a-r-a January 09, 2006
another name for a womans g-spot.
she scratched the shit outta my back when i hit her o-zone.
by Sporkea July 10, 2008
the area of the female body in which ovaries (O's) reside.
Hey Melanie, your o-zone is looking mighty bloated today...could it be that time of the month?
by stretchmarx June 21, 2007
Where you go when you get really stoned.
That altered state of conciousness between awake and asleep where you think of nothing specific and everything in general.
I cant do it now man, I'm really in the ozone.
Did you hear that guy? He's in the ozone.
by wright May 21, 2005
A womens vagina and genital area. In between her legs.
What about the o-zone?
Oh, Its been a while
by JDawg3010 November 27, 2006
The ionized atmosphere produced by welding. It has a distinctive metallic taste.
With 5 welders going inside a shop you will require ventillation to evacuate the ozone.
by wright May 21, 2005
1. bluish gaseous reactive form of oxygen that is formed naturally in the atmosphere and is used for disinfecting, deodorizing, and bleaching

2. really gay pop band
1. dont deplete the ozone, bitch

2. after hearing ozones "numa numa" 2,017 times, i must admit that im turning gay
by tha truth teller June 06, 2006