When a person's behavior or words transcend the definition of retarded, the person is defined as having reached the level of an o-tard or orgasmically retarded.
Person 1: Let me tell you a funny story about two cousins I knew in high school. One had no ass and a huge rack, while the other had a huge ass and no rack. All the boys thought it was so funny.

Person 2 and 3: You're an o-tard!
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by Shanghaik June 05, 2010
Top Definition
O-Tard,O-Tarded, Much like an E-Tard, E-Tarded only symptoms are the result of multiple orgasms, and not E. Refer to E-Tard for the definition of E-Tard or E.

V is officially responsible for makeing M into an O-Tard.
#e-tard #e-tarded #o-tard #o-tarded #pink
by PR4GM4TIC_AP4THY July 16, 2006
A Otard defines a aged retard. Otards often come from France. They are not dangerous at all. The younger form of a Otard is called Retard. Otard is a older person that
usually slows up especially by preventing or hindering advance or accomplishment.
High otardness can only evolve within many years of retard practise.
As Laurent was born everybody said: "this kid is a retard" - but when he grew up he really made progress and became a perfect OTARD.

Not really many Retard get old enough to be perfect Otards.
#otard #aged french retard #slow #laurent #otardness
by Mikey@home October 05, 2007
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