An affectionate, fan-bestowed nickname for Orlando Bloom.
OMG! Orly is soooo cute in Lord of the Rings!!!!
by RazorGoth September 24, 2007
Similar to r u serious, used when someone makes an assertion that you don't agree with or dont know anything about.
What you just said was the dumbest shit I've ever read.

O rly.
by Brett December 12, 2003
1. A phrase that is used when someone says something about another person, usually the person their talking to, and don't know what their talking about

2. Another way of saying "no shit!"
Bob: Frank your the person that robbed that bank yesterday, i saw you

Frank: O RLY???

bob is at the dentist and the dentist is tearing his mouth all up. hurts alot

Dentist: Bob this sure is a lot of blood, i don't like this

Bob: O RLY????
by Mannnyo October 17, 2006
Means "Oh really?" in "internet-language".
<Idiks> I screwed my teacher once.
<cockmongler> o rly?
by Cockmongler January 22, 2005

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