A lousy airport south of Paris
Ah... pas de bol c'est par Orly.
by polijuiko August 03, 2007
to take something that does not belong to you, to ask for something you have no business asking for, or to borrow something you have no intention of returning
1. Hey Jimmy, I hear you just finished your take-home exam. Can I orly it?
2. Dude, I totally forgot my wallet at home. Can I orly a couple of bucks. I swear I'll hit you back tomorrow...
by Steven Swicker December 07, 2009
Short for "o really"
Paris: Delahoya owned sugar ray, it was rigged!
Meataxe: ORLY!
by snippy May 01, 2006
the best person you will ever meet
have you met that orly piece? she's the best!
by orlypiece September 08, 2008
The idiots way of spelling oh really. Popular on the internet
o rly?

no not really
by DizzyLizzy January 22, 2007
A shortened form of the name "Orlando".

The nickname of "Orlando Bloom" who played Legolas in The Lord of the Rings and William Turner in Pirates of the Carribean and many other movies...
Yo orly! sup dude?

by Lissie May 27, 2005
an affectionate nickname for Rachel O'REILLY.
often shortened to orls.
animal #1 i love that orly
animal #2 orly is the best
by Rachel O'Reilly August 26, 2008

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