ya rly

see also: calculus
Lord Mumpington: Good sir I do believe I you may have once again bested me at this game of cricket.

Brumley St.Tobin: O rly

Baron Humperscut: Ya Rly

by Smapde July 12, 2006
Means 'Oh really?' used on instant messaging or e-mails.
'You suck!' 'ORLY?' 'YEAH REALLY!'
by g0alkeeper1 September 01, 2006
An emoticon of a baby sitting in a feeding chair when turned sideways. Similar to the Japanese orz.
Person 1: Smoked out my brother today, was sweet
Person 2: orly
Person 1: Dude now that I think about it, that looks like a baby.
Person 2: ...Holy shit.
by Minnos August 24, 2011
Used when in lack of something else to say
Kat: I'm a turkeh and I like haddock.
Matt: ...O RLY?
by MrsMatt February 27, 2006
Airport in Paris. Usually has flights within Europe.
On my way to the States I flew from Ciampino to Orly, and connected to Roissy (aka Charles de Gaulle).
by Nicolas Sarkozy August 25, 2007
word used mainly after someone makes a bullshit statement usually followed by yarly (which ensures that persons stupidity)
Dunce - I have 10 flux capicitors one for each year
Person with common sense - ORLY???
Dunce - Yarly
by LA LEWIS April 27, 2007
Orly is an asshole. He says things without thinking and tends to hurt others feelings. He also says things he doesn't mean and sleeps around with a lot of girls. On the bright side, he is very funny and protective of the people he loves.
1. "What's wrong! Why are you crying?"
2. "Orly hurt my feelings!"
by women lie men lie August 10, 2010

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