Obama Groupie Syndrome: a disorder in which a person finds the excessive need to refer to Obama at every possible occassion, whether it makes sense in the conversation or not
Person 1: That was a really good joke so and so told today

Person 2: I'm so proud of how far America has come, Obama made history

Person 1: ...

Person 2 (under breath): Obama

Person 1: Someone has a case of OGS
by jcmna February 24, 2009
Bonding and the creation of brotherhood through natural means of herbal remedy.
I can't wait for OGS
by Amanster July 10, 2008
Short for "Obsessive Gay Stalker" - A guy who has an unnatural attraction to a particular basketball player.
That guy is watching way too much basketball. I'm guessing he's an OGS.
by John February 03, 2004
onion and garlic chips
Give me some ogs soo i can kiss my girl freind wit my oggish breath
by Jake Mahl March 27, 2008
Over grown shoe syndrome

When a girl wears her older sisters shoes. Shoes usually belonging to a much sluttier older sibling a size or two larger in the feet department
"Jeeez Jo look at the state of her, she has a dose of the OGS probably a muffin top as well"
by Jo Dudley May 07, 2008
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