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A man with an honorable heart, he is strong willed, and the love of my life. O'dain is easily amused and annoyed by his wife. But It's crystal clear his love is steadfast, and true! O'dain is easy to temper, and can be difussed by nothing but time.. tick tock...O'dain values his family, and this is demonstrated each day by the way he treats his wife, mother, siblings and anyone else that may subtly fits this category. O'dain is handsome as hell, with the sexiest chest and arms his wife has ever been to fortunate to linger her fingers upon. He's a catch!
Wow.. loook at that O'dain... damn he is sexy!
I'd like an O'dain super sized with fries.. thats all thanks!
by hayley.j June 21, 2011
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