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The O'Rourkes were the historic rulers of Breifne in the 12th century. At which time the name was spelled "Ruairc". "O'" Meaning "grandson of" translates the name to "Grandson of Rourke". O'Rourke has no urban heritage and is not urban in anyway.
O'Rourke - Hardcore Irish
by Biscuit7707 September 11, 2008
another word for god... simply the highest form of authority even greater than god himself
omfg your totally like an O'Rourke bro... wait... OMFO!!!
by christman01 July 30, 2009
noun - an individual who performs numerous acts of douchebaggery
O'rourke said "My Best Friends Girl" was a great movie.
by dandancarl February 04, 2009
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