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O'Malley's Bar is a place where bad shit goes down. People originally went there when they had a thirst, but after a while it slid into disrepair and all sorts of fiends started swalling there. There was a strange aura about the place, it was a local pub run by O'Malley, his horrible fish-faced wife and his duaghter Siobhan. Siobhan could pull a sweet wee pint, but still got grief off all of the dicks and scumbags that descended on O'Malley's. You know the type, the kind of guy who pays a whore to let him walrus, scissor and Birmignham booty call her.

Anyways, O'Malley's got pretty vicious one night. Some guy came in and basically shot the shit out of everyone in it. All the locals - Mr. Brookes, Richardson, O'Malley's family and many more - were blasted to hell by some absolute headcase. He even had an erection when the cops found him. O'Malley's got shut down soon after and the murderer served 60 hours of community service and is currently taking anger management classes.
Cardinal: Fatt Catt, you wanna go to O'Malley's Bar tonight?

Fatt Catt: Did you not hear about the shit that went down in their last night? Jerry Bellows got slammed with an ash-tray the size of a really big fuckin' brick. All sorts of boyos got wrecked.

Cardinal: Lucky we went to club trax in our fat man pants, eh?
by Nick Cave August 16, 2010

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