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term used to describe the combination of oxycontin and heroin.
"man i think we have a crisis"
"i think i loset my heroin oxy combo"
"so you mean ur O-Henry"
by gandolf93 January 13, 2012
A sexual act performed using a vaginal speculum. The partner, male or female, opens the vagina. The receiving partner holds the speculum while the other crouches above and drops a bowel movement into the open vagina. Best results with solid, cylindrical stool.

Did You Know?
Can also be performed with the anus.
Kristine finished her annual check-up at the gynecologist and pocketed the used speculum. She called her boyfriend Jayce and asked him to eat a bowl of all bran and a bag of peanuts to be ready for an O'Henry.
by JawsOfLife July 04, 2011
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