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A very surprised smiley face
I can't believe it O:
by Linkzie June 29, 2006
Symbolizing innocence.
Having to or relating to miracles or angels.
Hawtstuff: So when are we gonna have sex?

Cutie: I'm on my period. O:)
by donnyinlakai April 27, 2008
ridiculous looking emoticon whose origin most likely arose from korean american high school girls. makes some people laugh like hell.
Sonyuh: LOLLL thank you very much sir (O:
Oppa: HAHAHA. That's actually a pretty cute looking emoticon.
by AryaydaLion August 28, 2010
A fucking annoying ass face in which the smiley is supposed to have a "Halo". Normally used by slutty girls on facebook or texting.
Boy: ur sch a bad lttle grl ;]
Girl: no im nt u r O:)
by RawrGasmiic November 03, 2011
getting sick
definition of my own, using as an unacceptable answer for :O
too much crazy comments O:
by Chwist September 13, 2004
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