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Two SYTYCD fans chatting: Saw it on a Pops Poll on OS.
by L.Skywalker March 10, 2009
short for opposite sex
In my free time, I do fun things with multiple members of the o.s.
by KatyxToxic January 26, 2008
simply its mean for most of us:

Open Source

may be the same characters have other meaning , but the most popular is open source.

And these is some other meaning for OS characters:
open source directory


os dir
by peter edin August 27, 2008
common baltimorian nickname for the Orioles, the best team in baseball history, arch-enemies of the New York Yankees, also emphasized heavily in the national anthem
O's baby... O-R-I-O-L-E-S
by J May 05, 2005
Operating System. Some are designed to be available to everyone (Linux :).
Some are designed to take your money (Windoes :().
# Examples of OSes #
Free/Open BSD
MacOs X
by :) February 05, 2005
oS stands for Old School. 'Tis an abbreviation for oS.

The lowercase-then-uppercase type is a way of making it look cooler. "oS" originated from Nitto 1320 Challenge, where we painted oS on our cars while on the team OldSchoolRacing, and even use oS on our cars to show that we've been playing for a long time and say it in chats across the web to this day. A note, oS should not be said in real life, you just say "Old School".
Ice Cube is Old School.
Ice Cube is oS.

The oS's are what makes OldSchoolRacing the best.
by protectmeaura December 11, 2006
Old School or Oldschool.
That trick was insane OS!

That suit is so OS! (Colorfull suit from the 80's)
by Vegard & Lars April 28, 2006
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