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A driving maneuver where one makes a U turn and then changes their mind
I had to make a U turn to go back to the house but then I changed my mind so I made O turn
by Quilly the Porcupine April 28, 2009
Two consecutive U-turns or a 360 degree turn.
You're driving and think that you're going the wrong way so you do a u-turn, as you are doing the u-turn, you realize that you were actually going the correct way in the first place and so you do another u-turn, hence you have done an o-turn.
by bagpussinboots January 23, 2012
When one sexual partner is about to reach climax before the other, and is strongly encouraged to turn back from his or her orgasm, and wait for the other partner to reach a similar level of arousal.
No! Pull an o-turn! I'm nowhere close!
by fif-n-lace March 12, 2011
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