When someone says something obvious or irrelevant.
Dude 1: Wow, the internet is full of porn!
Dude 2: O RLY?

Dude 1: have you ever known that there were 999 cases of heart attack in a time of 9999999999 seconds in the North Africa?
Dude 2:O RLY?
by bactac May 14, 2006
Internet slang for Oh really? Made famous by a picture with a snow owl on it saying O Rly, this picture is about a conversation.

O Rly is an internet phenomenon.
Owl 1 : O rly?

Owl 2 : Ya rly!

Owl 3 : No wai!

Owl 4 : Ya srsly!
by Panic-360 April 08, 2007
Means Oh Really?
Often used with a white owl, occasionally decked out in different costumes for uses such as "Quite Rly" (With a monocle and pipe) Often used for sarcasm or just to be an internet nerd.
#1: The sky is blue.
#2: O RLY?!

#1: Old chap, the sky appears to be quite sapphire today.
#2: Quite rly.
by Lupus Moon March 06, 2006
Used as a verbal equivalent to the body language of the 'raised eyebrow'.
"Sometimes I like to walk around the house naked"

"O rly?"
by Luths March 12, 2006
A short form of the phrase, "Oh, really?" Most often used when connotating sarcasm to the response. Also used to reply to an obvious statement
Connor: I'm so good because I've been playing video games since I was 2

Jen: That's dubious
Connor: orly?

Timmy: It's raining, we'll get wet if we step out.
Johnny: orly?
by xs4bidden May 04, 2010
An internet phrase, used a quick substitue as " Oh Really"
Usually shown with an Owl
Owl 1# Little bro, your adopted
Owl 2# ORLY?
by Korruptive March 30, 2006
originated by a group of bodybuilders in the misc section on a well knowen bodybuilding forum.

o'rly is also affiliated with the o'rly owl.
fred:hey guys i lost my virginity today.


fred: ya rly.
by the rich pimp May 29, 2006
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