The Canadian National Anthem
O Canada, daaa daaa daaa duh daaah
by Adda September 06, 2006
Top Definition
The only part of the Canadian anthem anybody seems to know.
"O Canada!--I... we... crap, how does that song even go?"
by EmersonienEra August 13, 2006
The Canadian National Anthem
O Canada, our home and native land...
by Kyle de Jong September 21, 2005
A midnight show on the CN (Cartoon Network); a collection of the most fucked-up cartoons known in the history of God's green planet. Well, not ALL the shows were that weird, but about 80% of'em were. Not that they weren't funny however.
You want an example? Tough shit. O Canada isn't airing on the CN anymore. Which is bad.....but it has some goodness to its being gone though. ^_^
by Dave January 16, 2004
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