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A slow guy and is loved by Arielle. Courageous. Outrageous. SHY. Cute. Lovable. Smiles all the time when he is with someone he really LOVES. Funnny. Sillly. Open-minded. Weird and PERVERTED. Looks at porn. Playings MMORPGS, FPS. Wants to have 3 kids. 50 years old and likes to masturbate a lot ( kidding! ). Loves to be there for that person when they wake up. EMOtional. Crazy/psycho.
SEXYyyyy. Kiss-able. Suck-able. Fuck-able. Hug-able. 2-inch dick !
Girl 1 : Omg ! Have you seen Nyxus ?

Girl 2 : Omgg yess . Ive seen him, he's so SEXY but small ! hahahakakakaka.
by Nyxus February 21, 2010

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