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A hideous beast of a person. Commonly used to describe people, particularly females, with such unattractive features as brown teeth, crossed eyes, and foreheads that extend three feet above the eyebrows. Frequently as ugly on the inside as they are out.
Oh my god, check out that Nyssa at the other table!
by UrbanScotty February 20, 2010
The cutest and sexiest girl in the world. Everybody wants to be around her because she is Nyssa.
Boy1: I just passed Nyssa in the hall and she smiled at me!
Boy2: I am so jealous man, why can't i be you?
by themanlymancan October 04, 2009
Nyssa is a rare female name. Many variations of the name exist, including Nisa, Niisa, Anyssa, and Nys.

Nowadays. Nyssa has become much more. Nyssa is now used to describe (often in all capitals "NYSSA") any sort of person that you feel needs to be knocked down a rung or two, jokingly or not.

Most commonly used jokingly between friends, such as "YOU'RE SUCH A NYSSA, LOL" on chat sites. It has become a recent small internet "meme" and even has its own facebook group.
by Tolomer August 13, 2010
the badest bitch out there. many are jealous they can't be
like her. its almost unfair to be compared to her.
"that girl nyssa is real bad. she's a bad bitch. im too
by xo.nk December 11, 2009
My grandmother, who is highly spiffy and rescues me from my daddy by giving me cookies.
Nyssa's so kind.
by Socky December 24, 2003
Hot + cool girl who is talented at art and has a penchant for cool hair colours ^_^
Nyssa rocks
by Iggy December 22, 2003
Nyssa is real hot
Wow, look its Nyssa!
by Mat December 22, 2003
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