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Sickness can strike at any moment, in this modern world of fast-paced lifestyles and high-calorie Toasty Quizno's Torpedos.

The only way to ensure a quick rebound from ANY illness that trashes your system is to spring a comprehensive three-day Nyquil Implementation-Protection Situation, or NiPS

Following a stringent daily/Nightly intake of Water, Nyquil, High-Pulp Orange Juice, and Safeway's Signature Spicy Basil Tomato Bisque; mixed with an unwaivering solid social-barrier of X-files and endless hours of unintelligible kaleidoscopic footage of 'Jazz - A Film by Ken Burn'

By the 3rd day of infection one can be assured that a king-hell move of good-health shall force the cause and source of the problem inadvertently deep into a stomach, liberally coated with Nyquil's best and brightest.

The ensuing movement will bring upon a most glorious shit. The Nyquil log, depending on the flavor of your choice, will be green and blue of the deepest pastels. The texture soft, like a fine woven-basket. Rest assured, the evils of the common flu or even tuberculosis will be cured locked away within this hefty guardian-angel of a shitball.

(Also see. Robotripping)
Hey Man, didn't you just get diagnosed with Avian influenza

That was three days ago, by quickly springing NiPS into action I was able to recover, and snapped a pic of my 4.2 lbs "Nyquil Log"

Damn Son... that's a blue shit!
by Jawagas January 24, 2011
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