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Nylahs are very sexy confident girls who know what they wants. Guys tend to fall for them because of their fun vivacious personality's. They are usually brunettes with silky shoulder length curly hair, they have deep brown eyes. They enjoy chinese. They are loving, caring, kind, seductive, smart, and hilarious. They are champions, and are born to succeed.
Boy 1: Woah do you see Nylah, she so beautiful, I wish she would notice me already.
Boy 2: Ya, I know right she is gorgeous
Girl 1: Hey do you see Nylah, ugh i hate her she is too pretty.
Girl 2: Same! But i wish I could be more like her
by rainbowbunnieswashahaqueen February 29, 2012
beautiful confident warrior princess very warm and nurturing. They are extremely reliable and are often found taking care of others. They have a deep need to try and create harmony in their surroundings
boy 1:look at her walking down the street with that confident walk her name must be Nylah
boy 2: oh yeh her name is Nylah and shes beautiful
by the offical January 08, 2012
A name for a irresitibly cute female cat.
*Nylah falls off the window ledge*

Jeana: "OH MY GOD NYLAH!! NYLAH! NYLAH...(cries)
by Lapulp July 12, 2015
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