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Nykita is a very beautiful girl! she is usually gods gift to the world! Everyone loves this girl because she's simply amazing & all the above hehe. She usually has the most amazing body & hair and facial attributes ;) gotta love this girl man
girl ; daaaayum did you see that chick
boy ; yea shes being a nykita ;)
by dfutfukgiog December 26, 2011
Nykita is the biggest slut on this planet. She is such a bitch that nykita is also know as slut or bitch. Her dad had sex with a hole in his condom and that was how she was created.

Stay away from her but if you don't remember to call her a slut or bitch.
Nykita is a slut. Stay away from her
by lëkū March 01, 2015
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