A rude girl. who thinks she knows everything but doesn't.she act all tough but she is nothing.she is butt ugly has no friends.But can be nice at times
Person 1:Hey do you know this girl?
Person 2:oh yea she is such a Nyasia
by bghdighidhgiuhdkjgn March 27, 2012
Top Definition
a VERY fun < cute < and funny person!!!!! she has brains as well as beauty and knows how to make someone laugh!!!!! she can be rude < stuck up < or even a little cocky
My bestiee is amazing and awesome so she must be a Nyasia.
by NYasiaaNDanielllaaa March 29, 2011
Nyasia is a cool, funny, and weird girl. She has beautiful eyes and hair. Fun to be around.
Charlie: hey did you see that girls eyes?

Me: yeah that's a Nyasia.
by Man car January 17, 2014
NyAsia is a sweet, beautiful and sensational girl who is ready for any challange that faces her. She excells in sports such as volleyball and when it comes to a competiotion, refuses to lose. Her closest friends know who they are and are always and will be there when she needs them the most
If this describes you, your definitely a NyAsia
by yomama27 March 16, 2015
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