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The world's first sparkling liqueur made in Paris, France. The bottle is pink and a percentage of the sales goes towards breast cancer research.
The drink is vodka with a splash of champagne and is now commonly used amongst celebrities, many who rap/sing about their love for this expensive yet tasty drink.
Jamie Foxx and T-Pain : "Ima take a shot of Nuvo..."

Guy No1: "Man, that drink is expensive"
Guy No2: "Well it's Nuvo. It doesn't come cheap"
by sexy.mutha.nuvo.drinking May 26, 2009
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noun: one who embodies the characteristics of a douche bag.
Etymology- comes from a bastardization of the nuva birth control ring
Dude! Stop hatin' on my game. You're such a nuvo.
by Slappy October 29, 2004
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