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A far-right-winger, white supremacist, neo-Nazi etc.
He was a nice guy till he got involved with some Nutzis in Idaho.
by Gentle one April 07, 2013
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One who fervantly believes squirrels are cool; believes in the false promises of squirrel world domination.
The nutzi claimed squirrels have the right to take residence in the attic of a human "for squirrels have been in the vicinity before the house was built."
by John January 13, 2004
22 11
A more appropriate term for a nazi, because of what they did.
Donald Duck in Nutzi Land
by Dave January 08, 2005
14 12
Name inside the US white nationalist movement given to activists who praise Hitler, wear German Nazi uniforms and carry swastika flags to demonstrations. Sometimes known as "Hollywood Nazis" for their media-friendly image.
"That guy is such a Nutzi; what self-respecting white separatist dresses like it's 1933?"
by johnboy77 August 12, 2012
2 3