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A metaphor for a train which stops for no one, nothing and nowhere. In it's 62 years service, it has instituted the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the long awaited reunification of East and West Germany; helped America elect it's first African American president in the form of Barack Obama, and is well on it's way to the destruction of demin jackets, leading to eventual worldwide justice. After this project, due to be finished in 2027, she will be frozen in space in a satellite orbiting the Earth, as so to be ready incase there is another worldwide crisis (the idea is based on Dr Evil in the Austin Powers movie, but not evil).
Person 1: 'Hey, I think that's our train...'
Person 2: 'No, that's the Nutley train, ther's no way we will survive...'
by The Plough Hotel April 21, 2009
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