nutfuck, as in, douchebag cuntfucking motherfucker who cant keep it up and leads girls on til hell and high water. nutfuck.
Zo told me she thinks Mach is a total nutfuck.
by woolhatdude February 03, 2009
Top Definition
n. 1. One who steals your oranges; a thief. 2. One who is mentally deficient; a buffoon. v. 3. The act of stealing oranges; thievery.
"Don't nutfuck my oranges, nutfuck!"
by Kablizzy August 07, 2006
To fuck without inserting the shaft, for ether lake their of or stimulation.

rubbing nuts on a vagina
President Clinton claims to have only "nut fucked" Monica Lewinski.
by EvilJake April 06, 2006
the act of sticking a male scrotum into a females vagina replacing the semen covered penis
Dude, i nutfucked that horny old lady down the street
by chet stedmond May 26, 2009
Term used to describe someone who has done something crazy, outrageous or just plain insane.
"your fucking crazy. A total nut-fuck!"
by Rekk55 July 18, 2003
A person who acts mindlessly.
See fucknut
That nutfuck ran over my cat!
by Ethan December 04, 2003
like titty fuck but in between two testicles and wrapped in scrotal tissue.
I nutfucked my stillborn because it won't hurt him.
by -teh secks0|2- February 16, 2007

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