a very delicious chocolate hazelnut spread, It is sex and an amazing orgasm put into a jar
John: Man,I love nutella so much...
Bill:who doesnt, it is the second best thing after sex
by Donthate123 January 13, 2013
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God's favourite spreadable food, made by pixies in the magical land of yum.
I eat so much Nutella, I actually ejaculate it
by themuseicman May 05, 2006
A heavenly hazelnut and chocolate spread, basically sex in a jar.
Man, nutella trumps peanut butter any day.
by AmeliaJane January 28, 2009
The best fucking spread - period. Nothing can top the taste of chocolate and hazelnuts in this creamy delight. You can put it on just about anything, or eat it plain. This is quite possibly Italy's greatest contribution to the food world.

First created in the 1940's by Pietro Ferrero in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy(NOT FRANCE!!). Chocolate was rationed during the times of World War II, so Mr. Ferrero used hazelnuts in addition to the chocolate.
"Nutella - the orignal creamy, chocolaty hazelnut spread."

by b l o n d i e February 21, 2007
The chocolaty hazelnut joy bestowed upon us from the gods.
What wonders I have smeared upon my dinosaur shaped bread is that of true joy, true love, true wonder-Nutella.
by kuroneko666 March 10, 2010
A heaven-like spread of goodness derived by the gods themselves. Where the expression, "Better than sex." actually applies.
Dude that chick was so good in bed, but nothing compares to this amazing Nutella i bought.
by sexychik99 April 14, 2010
Nutella is a creamy chocolate and hazelnut spread that can be correctly referred to as "Sex in your mouth".

by NutellaLady May 31, 2010
The orgasm of a godly rainbow unicorn. In a jar.
This Nutella is orgasmic!
by FeastMaster June 13, 2011

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