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The action of one laying on one's back with their feet in the air, and having their nutsack placed gently over the anus, then quite forcefully punched into the anus by a second party. (For spite NOT for pleasure)
Andy lost the bet and was delivered a firm Nut Hole by Caleb.
by Prickly Pears October 21, 2010
A nut hole is an anus as it can be know to look like its covered in peanut butter.
(Tom) "Eh you got brown wings yet",
(Bob) "Yes i violated her nut hole".
by Yes I December 11, 2006
Nut hole is another term for vagina, the hole in which a man nuts. (Nutting is another term for cumming. ("Gimme that nut!"))
I filled up her nut hole with my cum.
by natashanurenberg February 09, 2011
A person who resembles/acts like a vagina
Alisson is a huge nuthole to me everyday of the week.
by brodick January 17, 2012
Persons of uncoolness, one who is one can short of a six pack, involoved in rather ridiculous acts.
Farballs (Farrol Asham), Hemballs
by Jobo Farbo April 13, 2003
The hole at the end of the Penis that one nuts, or cums out of.
Man, My nut hole burns.
by Kunz March 25, 2004
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