a girl who likes to play with guys nuts and then does them after .
ashely is the biggest nut fucker in the world!
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
Top Definition
An adjustable spanner or adjustable wrench which when incorrectly used has a tendancy to round the hex-nut/bolt's head.
1: Mate, could you pass the nut fucker?
2: What do you want the nut fucker for? You should be using a ring spanner.
1: Right-oh...
by Some mad Kiwi August 18, 2011
male gay sex with the 'fuckee' mostly on his back and the 'fucker' in 90 degree vertical position so it appears like his penis is fucking loose, saggy scrotum and testicles.
bruce is a nutfucker! he likes the feeling of davie's balls rubbing on top of his dick. "i don't like nutfuckers!" or "that guy acts like a nutfucker." ie: gay
by i tudor dr.phil December 02, 2010
Colloquial term for mindbender
what was going on in that film it was a total nutfucker

I feel totaly nutfucked after taking that acid
by Nacnud Noremac August 15, 2013
A derogotory name given to teases, aka those who get men excited to the point of climax and then stop.
That nutfucker gave me blueballs...
by ArchuEXE August 29, 2003
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