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One who likes to suck the salt off the nut shell before eating the nut is a Nut Sucker.
Dont be ashamed to be a Nut Sucker, everyone likes to suck the nut.
by Jeannine January 27, 2006
What emo's commonly refer to as; "Skinny Jeans"
The emo kid put on his "Nut Suckers"
by Gritty42 October 24, 2011
Used to accentuate a bad situation.
- "Your girlfriend cheated on you? Man, thats a real nut sucker!"

- "Oh man, that guy is such a Nut Sucker"
by Emerson L June 28, 2005
Scotty B., A.K.A. "Drunk Pop"
What the fuck are you doing, nutsucker?
by darmer December 29, 2004