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A terrible new show being promoted by YouTube, and apparently by Urban Dictionary. Even though it isn't out yet, you can already tell it will be terrible seeing as it is airing on Showtime and is about a female nurse. The female nurse also seems to have a sassy attitude.

So it's a show about a nurse with a sassy attitude. Like a spin-off of Scrubs starring Carla, but prob. less funny and more srs bsnzz.
"Life is full of it's little pricks." - Nurse Jackies Tagline. Life is also full of horrible television programs.
by Ghangis24 June 01, 2009
A hospital show created by Showtime in attempt to simply capitalize on the post-ER crowd, with no regard to quality or entertainment value. The show is about a lesbian doctor who will probably develop into a know-everything, lesbian, doctor character as the show progresses in it's first and final season. There are several counter arguments to her intelligence, such as her not holding the syringe properly in the advertisements and also her being a woman. Not to be confused with Nurse Betty, which will end up being better than this. House should really start being good again so people don't have to watch this crap for their hospital-show fix.
I watched Nurse Jackie wanting to see some lesbian action, but I forgot that everything on Showtime sucks.

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