Nung is a term used in Scotland to describe a disabled person (usually with downs syndrome)
Tom: Brian look, its the Nung bus
Brian: What the hell is a nung bus?
Tom: The bus that takes disabled people to the hospital
by Barry17 May 06, 2009
Top Definition
A smart person. A gentle and kind person who helps others. Someone who behaves like he does not care, but cares.
That nung is very nice.
He is a nung.
by oxfordcorpna April 22, 2010
to aggressively display physical affection towards someone in hopes to hurt them (in a good way) or pop their head off!

physical affection can include nibbling biting, pinching, or squeezing of any body part.
Joaquin: "god dammit, Anna! You're so freaking sexy! Get over here and let me nung you!"

--after the nungging has happened--

Anna: "Joaquin, you can't nung me so hard. It hurts!"
Joaquin: "sorry, i can't help it. I love you so much i wanna hurt you!"
by RooTang April 03, 2011
A term for eating out a girls pussy.
"That pussy tastes good, nung."
by Kyle February 10, 2005
Negro bung.
That Chewbacca, he's got quite a nung.
by No January 10, 2004
A variety of primate, similar to a gibbon.
See how the nungs swing gracefully through the canopy.
by zimo August 15, 2004
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